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Compas, Inc.

Compas, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Jan 07, 2012
Tax ID: 41-1228092
BASED: St Paul, MN, United States


Our Mission

Empower Creativity. Start in Minnesota.

At COMPAS, we believe that creative education is essential. We partner with schools, hospitals, and other community centers to provide high-caliber professional teaching artists who are passionate about empowering creativity. Our teaching artists work alongside people from all walks of life, helping them share their stories and harness the power of creativity.


“We need the arts in our schools for people who will never go on to become artists, who will go on to become the next computer software developers, or bankers, or politicians, or parents. The arts give us an opportunity to look inward, to look outward, to see things from a different angle, to create, and to use a different kind of intelligence.” -- former COMPAS student Cheryl Strayed



Tax ID: 41-1228092 •


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