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Charter For Compassion International

Charter For Compassion Internationa...
CROWDRISE : Apr 13, 2013
Tax ID: 26-4836556
BASED: Seattle, WA, United States


Charter for Compassion

Our mission is to build a global movement that brings the Charter for Compassion to life. Our vision is a world where everyone is committed to living by the principle of compassion.

Compassion is the recognition that all beings are profoundly interconnected, such that the joys and sufferings of one are the joys and sufferings of all, with a corresponding commitment to appreciate and treat with respect all individuals as we ourselves would want to be treated—even and especially when we find it difficult to do so—and to alleviate suffering when and where we encounter it. Compassionate Action Network is a worldwide network founded upon and inspired by the Charter for Compassion. Aware that our world is deeply troubled and polarized and committed to make the world a better place, we work to establish and sustain cultures of compassion locally and globally through diverse initiatives—education, cities, business, religious and spiritual communities, and the arts. We supply resources, information and communication platforms to help create and support compassionate communities, institutions, and networks of all types that are dedicated to becoming compassionate presences in the world. Through a vibrant Charter for Compassion Partner Network we welcome and communicate the sharing of information, stories and experiences that touch the work of compassion.

Tax ID: 26-4836556 •


Charter for Compassion: 100 Cities by September 2015

Charter for Compassion: 100 …

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35% Raised of $100,000 Goal