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CROWDRISE : Apr 28, 2011
Tax ID: 31-1768549
BASED: Hartford, CT, United States


COMPASS Peacebuilders

Youth Violence Prevention, Reaching Disengaged Youth & Crisis Response

Eight years ago, on first day of the COMPASS Peacebuilder's Program, a teenage boy died in the arms of a COMPASS Peacebuilder responding to a gang shooting. Before that night countless other youth died due to violence. Since that tragic evening on the streets of Hartford CT COMPASS Peacebuilders have committed their lives to create peaceful communities and save young lives.

This includes developing our teens in crisis to become Junior Peacebuilders, leaders and champions for peace. Youth taking responsiblity for creating peace in their communities today and into the future.

Today due to budget cuts that go into effect in July 2015, we will lose more than half of the Peacebuilders team that has kept youth violence at record lows.

Let's work together to ensure that the Peacebuilders can continue to broker peace, prevent youth violence and keep your community safe.

$33,000 allows for 1 COMPASS Peacebuilder to provide services to 24 youth and their family for an entire YEAR! That is $7,000 less than the cost of incarcerating them of the same amount of time.


Tax ID: 31-1768549 •


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