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Concord High Cheer and Dance

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EVENT DATE: Jun 22, 2011

amber plumley



We are Concord high Cheer, Dance, and Stunt Team.  We are asking for your help to raise money for new mats, competition fees and room rental fees.
We know that most families are currently living on a tight budget and you are asked frequently for donations from several different agencies.  But even one dollar would aid the CHS Cheer/Dance team in their adventures for the coming  year. 
Thank you in advance, the entire team really appreciates the time you took to check out our goals we have set forth this year. 
Community First,
Concord High Coaching Staff
Varsity Team

Rolyssa Manalac is a junior this year at Concord High School and this is her third year on the Varsity Cheer Team. She has always incorporated dance into her life from Polynesian dancing to Hip Hop. Other than dancing, Rolyssa is very communtity oriented. Her role as junior class president will be her ninth year taking a position in Student Government/Leadership, and also finds herself as a member of at least three major clubs at Concord High. Outside of school, you may find her spending time with her best friends or three younger siblings. She's not too hard to spot, she almost always has a flower in her hair!

Hi I'm tj. I'm a senior, class of 2012!!!!! This will be my fourth year on concord high varsity cheer team. My favorite thing to do is dance. But I extremely love pushing myself to do harder stunts. I also competed at dharp on the dance team :) I'm super looking forward to this year, it should be an awesome one!!!!

Tammie- This is my first year cheer leading for Concord High. I'm graduating in 2012, so I think cheering will put a positive influence on me my Senior year because it will give me that push to keep my grades up and will allow me to actually be part of the school and not just a student that goes there. Even though it's my first year cheering for Concord High, I'm not new to the cheer environment. I've cheered 4 years prior and I'm really passionate about this sport. I like the challenges that comes along with being on the team and the friendships and bonds with both the girls and the coaches. What I hope to gain from being on the team is the best Senior year ever and and experience that will last me a life time!

My name is Marisa McCormick, I am an incoming Varsity cheerleader and sophomore 2011-2012.  This will be my 2nd year on CHS cheer team.  I love cheerleading so very much!!  I have been involved in dance and cheer since the age of 3.  I enjoy working as a team with my squad and all the memories we make as well.  I plan on cheering every year in high school. 

Amanda Burgman

Veronica Guerrero

Michaela Pinangay

Fernanda Urbina

Amelia Guitron

Junior Varsity Team

My name is Sarah Cole, I'm 15 years old and I'm am incoming sophomore at Concord High School. I love to try new things and I like to be active. I can't wait to cheer for CHS and I'm looking forward to starting a new year of high school.

I am Erin Renee. I am a sophmore. This will be my 10th year of cheerleading. I am very energetic, outgoing, weird, and friendly. I love making bows. I make good pterodactyl noises. And last but not least I make boss cupcakes.Thats pretty much me in a nutshell.

Courtney Gosney is a sophmore at Concord High School and will be joining the Cheer Team this year. She finds it rewarding, challenging, and exciting. She has been in many different sports such as baseball and swimming, and is eager to start cheering this year. Courtney enjoys spending time with her family and friends. One of her personal goals is to be an active member in the community, and a positive role model for younger children.

Hi I'm Lauren Nunez I'm a sophomore at concord high I been cheering for 2
years now and I love every moment of it. I'm very outgoing and very
sociable. I just got accepted into the CHS academe. What I want to do when
I'm older is become a radiologist or a criminal investigator. Cheering and
dancing are what i love to do.

Kaylyn Velasco

Anastasia Mitsanas

Vanessa Hambolt

Freshmen Team

Ashley Banducci is a Freshman this year and is really looking forward to being a member of the Concord High Cheer, Stunt and Dance Team! She has been a Company Dancer, for Dance Connection Performing Arts Studio, for the past 5 years and has competed on many of their Jazz and Hip Hop teams. And, she loves and has been involved in several theatre productions as well. When not dancing or acting, she loves to hang out with her cousins and friends…and her dog Molly.

My name is Maya Sobilo, I dance competetively at D'Ann's Academy of Dance and have been dancing for four years. I am really looking forward to starting cheer and I think it's good to start something new. I hope to go far with cheer and compete at Concord. I am very competitive. 

Hello, my name is Valerie Ann Geronimo. I am 14 years old & took my first breath on December 7,1996. I am an incoming freshmen in CHS. I love to cheer & dance. I've been cheering & dancing ever since I was 8. This year I am looking forward to having so much fun in CHS & CHS cheer(:

Savannah brummet

Jazmin Molina

Dance Team

I, Caitlin Wildes, will be a senior this year and can not wait for the cheer season to begin.  This will be my second year cheering for Concord High but my fourth year cheering after taking a couple of years off.  I enjoy cheering and dancing to keep busy and love that it is a workout in a different form.  When my time is not occupied with cheer you can either find me hanging out with friends or taking it easy at home.

McKenzie Acton will be a freshman in the 2011-2012 school year. She has been dancing since she was 4 and still continues to take classes! She enjoys hanging out with friends and lounging at the pool in her spare time. She is super excited to be on the dance team this year!

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