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October 30, 2012

MEDISHARE.COM: Is creating the best resource tools and networking platform for healthcare professionals. FREE OF CHARGE! We need your help!  See more


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Together our voices can make a impact for the future of medicine!
Imagine a world where healthcare professionals from all over the world are united! A virtual environment where all the nessecary healthcare information resources are pulled together and healthcare professionals from all levels of expertist and all over the globe are free to share ideas, help each other and better provide medical care to patients all over the world.
This vision has begun at and we need your help! This site is provided absolutely FREE an its FREE to sign up and its simple and easy to use!
For the first time ever, there’s safe haven designed specifically for healthcare professionals to share ideas, organize events and contribute to advancement of healthcare! is an unbiased privately funded powerful new resource tool in medicine aimed at uniting all levels of healthcare. It was designed by healthcare professionals at all levels specifically for busy healthcare professionals. The platform aims to increase efficiency, advance healthcare professionals and improving the quality of patient care across the globe.
The platform was structured over four core principals: Improve, Contribute, Advance and Network also know as the Medishare ICAN philosophy.
These principals help accomplish it’s vision.
Medishare Vision
"We aim to empower the healthcare community by providing a open, simple, easy to use, unified environment to connect the world of healthcare to share ideas, opinions, success and frustration. While, simultaneously, providing tools to increase efficiency of patient services and practice management. The ultimate goal is to united healthcare professionals to create a lasting positive impact on the future of healthcare."

Healthcare professionals have never had one unifed place to express their frustrations, ideas successes and quickly find pertanat informations until now! Over the past year a small team of dedicated knowlegable individuals have volunteered countless hours and worked tirelessly to accomplish this vision. Telling ourselves "There has to be a better way for healthcare professionals to network outside of facebook or linkedin!", "There needs to be a safe haven specifically for healthcare professionals to network, increase the ease of information flow and find nesscary information quickly." Until now no one has ever attempted to bring together information from the CDC, FDA, NIH, AMA, NLM and more into one centralized location to create and easy to use platform to search, navigate and start discussions. has a goal to unfied and create easy to use forum to communicate, start conversations about pressing healthcare topics and provide the best resources to help healthcare professionals find information (ie ICD-9/10, CPT, HCPCS codes, FDA Drugs Reference, Symptoms, CDC disease trackers, NIH updates and the latest breaking news in medicine). Additionally Medishare will provide CME, resources to medical missions, medical events updates and it will post job openings for healthcare professionals. This is in hopes that we create a better more effiecent world in healthcare and we help those that need it the most.
This site was created by the public for the public and we wish to keep it ad free and unbias by not taking money from major pharmaceutical corporations.
The money raised here will go to development of a mobile application, to pay for datasets (ie Drug Reference Libraries Licenses) and promption of this project to raise awarness. Any left over funds will go to medical missions posted on the website (currently listed in Haiti and the Phillippines
We are actively seeking partnership to grow. Currenly is currently seeking investors is seeking private investors, marketing experts, medical recruiters, mobile app developers and CME experts to partner with to expand our reach and services that we offer. We seek to partner with investors that bring and change the status quo of the currently healthcare environment. The ideal investor will have healthcare experiences, healthcare skill sets and influence with in the medical community. Candidates should not only want to invest for potential but also because they want to make a positive change and shape the future of healthcare. If you or someone you know fits this criteria are looking to invest in LLC please feel free to reach out to us as

Below are our core values:
Improve:Medishare’s goal is to improve patient care by making it easier for the healthcare professional to do their job efficiently and reach out peers or explore their our database for advice and recommendations of treatment and service. The TOOL suite and SHARE section have been designed with tools empower all levels of healthcare professionals to accomplish this core value.

Contribute: Giving back is primary core value and the reason was founded. An entire section of the site has been dedicated to Medical Missions making it easier to organize, fund, supply and staff all philanthropic medical missions.

Advance:Helping healthcare professionals get to where they want to be in their career is our mission with our Career section. Search medical careers or post an opening to find your ideal candidate.

Network:Healthcare professionals is one of the busiest and most stressful industries networking can be difficult. Our Networking features create an open environment for busy healthcare professionals to share ideas, information and opportunities with one another.
Thank your for your time and supporting this cause!
Sincerely, Team

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