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Connections For Children is the unrivaled child care expert in the Westside and South Bay communities. We guide families and child care professionals towards quality services and programs.  Our goal is to make sure that all children receive early care and education that prepares them for success. 

With 35 years of knowledge and experience, we have increased the quality of child care by influencing public policy, providing referral services for families, and offering professional development to early childhood educators.

Connections For Children helps families find quality child care regardless of income. We believe that thriving, well cared for children benefit the entire community.

Since its founding in 1976, Connections For Children has helped to foster nourishing child care environments. We work to ensure that all children will have the support to live up to their full potential. We advocate for quality early learning and provide community resources for families, teachers, and caregivers.

Connections For Children supports families and child care providers by offering comprehensive child care guidance.

Child Care Referrals:

Connections For Children helps thousands of families, at no charge, to make the best choices about child care and early education for their children.

Our knowledgeable staff provides tips to parents on what to look for when visiting child care programs. Asking questions when choosing child care helps each family meet their primary needs in terms of location, price, hours of care, and what they want for their child. We link parents to other community resources and services as requested. Staff members meet with newly licensed providers and regularly update the information in our database, so that referrals are current and accurate.  

Click on this link for more information on Child Care Referrals

Additional Resources for Parents:

Our staff of child care specialists is committed to supporting children and families by providing information, resources, and referrals in all aspects of child and family development.  We also offer many workshops for parents, sharing tips on tantrums, toilet teaching, and positive discipline, and other important aspects of children’s development.

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Financial Assistance for Child Care:

Connections For Children also helps hundreds of low-income parents in their quest to achieve self-sufficiency by assisting them with their child care expenses. 

Subsidy for child care is available to help low-income families in our communities, including those moving from welfare to work, to achieve financial independence. Partial or full payment towards child care enables parents to work, attend school or receive job training, knowing that their children, up through age 10, are in the child care arrangement that best suits their family needs. Our Program Specialists work with each family to certify eligibility and help them select care in licensed centers and family child care homes, or with relatives, friends, or neighbors.

Each year we are able to assist about 800 families cover child care costs for over 1,250 children. 

Click on this link for more information on program requirements for Child Care Subsidy

Services for Child Care Providers and Early Educators:

Quality in child care depends upon well-trained and caring child care professionals. Quality care in the early years is crucial to children’s success. Connections For Children offers a wide variety of training and support services for early educators and child care providers throughout the Westside and South Bay communities.

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For more information on Connections For Children and Team CFC, please contact:

Lisa Daggett - (310) 452-3325 x211 or


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