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5 years ago my children were taken out of the home and placed with my mother because me and my kids mother were fighting a lot because I wasn't in my right State of Mind due to the fact that the medication I was taking I got addicted to prescription the medication was for a compression fracture in my lower vertebrae sciatica and didn't deserve this disease which is my fault and not at the same time I lost everything my home my family my self-respect but now I am off the medication and feel better than ever and anybody that is in my life now can tell you that I am a complete different person then I was when I was going through all of that I am a better person now live in a shelter I've been there for 8 months I lost everything my kids my family and my self-respect but now that I have been sober for going on 7 months I have gained my mind back and realize that the things that I was doing what him doing my childs growth it is very embarrassing and I am not the type to care about what anybody else says but desperate times call for desperate measures as they say I'm asking for this money because I work at Dunkin Donuts in Newport Rhode Island and if anybody knows Newport Rhode Island they know that a Dunkin Donuts salary is just not enough to get up the money for a first and last deposit and the things my children need for the apartment I've never asked for a handout from anybody and do not want sympathy from anybody I put my name on the housing waiting list two years ago and when it came to my number and my spot to get an apartment they told me that I did not qualify which I don't understand why so I went to the mayor's office the head of housing and anybody else I thought could help me but they didn't so now I am telling you guys my problems which is also kind of embarrassing but I do not care about my reputation all I care about is my children and what is best for them please share or help if you have the needs to and thank you for at least reading and considering this!!! PLEASE SHARE PLEASE HELP!!!



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Conor is working on selecting a charity so you can support Conor's fund Children Home.