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5 years ago my children were placed with my mother due to the that my kids mother and I used to fight allot because I was not in my right state of mind due to the fact from the percription medication I was taking.I was prescribed it for my back issues ( compression fracture in lower vertebrae sciatica and degenerative disc disease)which is my fault and at the same time isn't. But now I have been sober for 6 months and 25 days which I also know is not long when it comes to sobriety but I'm ready to start working my kids back in the home with me. My mother is 61 years old and she is not getting any younger she can not keep up with 3 children and my oldest has autism everybody knows or has heard it is very difficult to take care of a child that has special needs which takes a lot of time patience love she has the love but the other two reasons are getting less and less as the days go on I thank my mother for taking my children but it's time for them to be back with me and they need to be back with me I work at Dunkin Donuts in Newport Rhode Island and if anybody knows Newport they know that a Dunkin Donuts salary is not enough to sustain an apartment and to get the necessary things in the apartment for my children I've never asked for a handout from anybody to get these things that's why I have a job but it's just not I know that everybody will say that 7 months is just not enough time of sobriety but by the actual time I get my children back it will have been a lot longer than 7 months and each day I get healthier and healthier if anybody is reading this please consider what I'm saying I am good man and when I had my children they never needed or we're lacking anything I love my mother and everything she has done for me but it's time for her to get back to her life and also time for my children to get back to theirs my mother does not have the energy it takes to raise three little children especially one with special needs I do not want sympathy from anybody I just want my children home which therein lies the problem I've been on a housing waiting list for 2 years and now that it came down to my number the Housing Authority told me that it was between me and two other families I didn't get it which I don't understand why I've exhausted all my resources in trying to get that apartment I live in a shelter now and have been for the last 8 months if there's anybody out there that can understand or knows what I'm going through please help me and my children I appreciate you reading this at least consider what I am saying thank you very much PLEASE SHARE !!! PLEASE HELP and pray for my children and I.



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