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Educating to Build and Stengthen Our World Tax ID 27-0969718


Conservation Fusion is Empowering Kids to Be the Change they wish to see in the world. 

Education is a key component to conservation. Conservation Fusion is a non-profit, educational organization like no other. Directly connecting kids living amongst endangered wildlife with kids in the U.S. promoting an awareness of local and global conservation challenges. By learning the names and faces of each other, youth connect in ways that make it real.

We are exploring new ways to educate, empowering youth through hands on, inquiry-based education to find innovative solutions to real world problems, affecting us all. A liaison between these distant cultures, people and ideas, Conservation Fusion helps foster ways we can all conserve and live sustainably for our future.

                           We are all connected, sharing ONE WORLD

Conservation and Education guide everything we do.  As we grow as an organization, we envision growing "green" and setting an example of sustainability...that we CAN do MORE with less.  CF is dedicated to encouraging and implementing green technology on a local and global scale.