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Because if we don't take climate change seriously, our kids & grandkids are going to call us all sorts of not-very-nice names. Tax ID 45-2806335


There are 37 million hunters and anglers in the U.S.  Nobody in the sporting community is really educating them about climate change.  Except us.  We're Conservation Hawks, and we know that large groups - for example, 37 million hunters and anglers - have a fair amount of political power.  If even a third of America's sportsmen and women become climate activists, we can break the partisan logjam in DC and help create strong, substantive climate & energy legislation.  Which, conincidently, is exactly what we need to give our children and grandchildren a real shot at a decent future.  Please help us educate America's hunters and angler about climate change.  Why? Because 37 million sportsmen can turn things around in a hurry.