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Conservators' Center

Our mission is reconnecting people with wildlife. In service to this mission, the Conservators Center introduces visitors to rare, threatened, and endangered species. The Center’s animal residents are ambassadors for their wild counterparts: You are more likely to become invested in these species after you meet them and learn about their inherent value. Looking a tiger in the eye, hearing lions call to one another, howling with wolves, and meeting a binturong for the first time will forever change your perspective. You protect what you understand and love. Tax ID 56-2149941


A lion’s roar can be heard from up to 5 miles.
Imagine hearing it from 5 feet away!


An “oofing” at the Conservators Center is an experience you have to feel to believe. It’s the earth-shaking, collective roar of several lion prides when our guides call out to them on tours. Our lions rarely ignore the primal urge to respond. When our wolves and New Guinea singing dogs join in, this wild "Conservators Center chorus" leaves visitors stunned and amazed.


These and other thrilling experiences are possible at the Conservators Center, just north of Burlington, NC. Visitors are guaranteed a unique and up-close view, often from just 5 feet away!


Although most visitors come to meet our big cats, many are equally enthralled by our wolves and lemurs, and some lesser-known species, such as servals, binturongs, jungle cats, and New Guinea singing dogs.

Our conservancy depends on the devotion of staff and volunteers, the enthusiasm of our visitors, and the generosity of animal-loving donors near and far. Please take a moment to browse our fundraisers, find one that speaks to you, and give what you can to this special cause.