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Constance Miklos - Anderson

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Hello everyone,

Connie Anderson, my best friend and mother of three, has been in and out of the hospital for about a year. March 13,2012 she found out she had cancer in her uterus and spinal stenosis with a bulging disk; due to these complications, she had to have a hysterectomy performed and chemo therapy because her lymph nodes were inflamed. Connie has been on several different medications since these difficulties have been discovered. For a brief period of time, she was released from the hospital where she was advised to remain on bed rest and lite duty. On July 27,2012 she returned to the ER due to hemorrhaging. That same day she went into surgery; the doctors had to remove her fallopian tube due to her cancer causing it to burst. On Oct 26,2012 she went into the hospital with a temperature of 104 that was caused by a massive bacterial infection and had to spend the next ten days in the hospital. On Nov 23,2012 she was diagnosed with Cohns disease, and Dec 06,2012 she went back into the hospital and had emergency surgery where her stomach clamped back together. This caused her to lose a large amount of blood. Connie went back into the hospital again on Feb 20,2013 and on March 14, 2013. Now, she has been in the Cleveland Clinic for 36 days and showing signs of improvement. Once she is strong enough, they will send her to a facilely closer to home to where she can become stronger through extensive physical therapy. Connie has been in some sort of pain almost every day for the past year. She spends most of her days in bed on medications because she is in constant pain. She once was 200 pounds, and throughout the course of these events, she lost an extensive amount of weight and is currently at a fluctuating weight of 100 pounds. I had the opportunity to visit Connie on May/11th/2013, and her main concern was not her health but how she was going to be able to get on onto her feet and support her children. This statement made me take action and put a plan into place. I am reaching out in hopes to shed some light back onto this family. I am collecting donations and hosting several fundraisers to offer support.

Thank you for your help!!!

Rena Boeset



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