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Construction of educational buildings in the middle of the localization

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Found education in an environment of prostitution is very heavy
March 14, 2016

What can we do if it's like this, we can do just looking for donors and fro, nominal berapaun we received was very useful for us in order to  See more
Mifta Muklish


The struggle is indeed hard for the cleric and cleric in the midst of this environment as they continue mengumandakan symbols of Islam in a way to educate children to become better, more precise localization name is Moroseneng. Indeed, children in this neighborhood a lot of which are not educated properly for their every day ahrus see events that should have been in that age they should be busy with teaching, studying and learning, what dikata .. !!! their environment differ from our environment healthy, energetic, polite etc., the world they are loud and so potentially damage the morale of us, for that we are determined to establish an educational berbasik islam modern time there we mngajarkan of good behavior and responsible, goal we educate only one son who has the soul of an Islamic nation so that they grow up to be a pioneer wise and competent. Why We Need Funds .. ?? Currently we are pioneering an institution HIGH SCHOOL FIRST (SMP), which is in need of funds is very big for us, from the building that we have at this time is not sufficient to accommodate students who later years more and more, for that we need the solidarity of panjenengan all so willing to help us in realizing that berbasik Islamic junior high school education, where competition is increasingly high school. We urgently need funds for the construction of educational buildings that are currently underway in the reform process since we've started construction, we just want to provide a decent place for our students, with facilities that meet I am sure the spirit of A Learning they will also increase supported with program -Program our school which is still not running because the facility has not been fulfilled. What can we do if it's like this, we can do just looking for donors and fro, nominal berapaun we received was very useful for us in order to continue the development of this education Why we should help .. ?? if not the donors who more likely to pay attention to our private school like this .. !! the success of our children depends on how we educate, in what environment they are in children, if this is all fulfilled insaallah our children will be the one that will benefit others in the future because of the infrastructure that supports the success of learning. How can it be without a generous helping us realize the ideals of a nation that is able to compete wong where they learn just is not feasible, Therefore, we appeal to all benefactors to set aside rizkinya in God's way to the development of our educational institutions that currently lie fallow by funds Until now, we just wait for help from pemprof, local government and the company that once we sodori proposan, sedngkan learning process continues, this time we can only wait for an answer from those. Problem Reporting / accountability Funds Here we always put honesty about the money that we have received, we build all LPJ (responsible for the report) why this is so, there is every sign of our fund reports and demonstrate to donors that donors believe this money to buy what .. ?? continued proof of what .. ?? maybe this time it was all we could do, the photographic evidence to be the most important development. So a little explanation from me, once again we are asking for a helping hand to the generous-generous to help us to continue to build this Islamic educational institutions in order to realize pioneers qualified and able to compete out there with strong religious provisions, thanks



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