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Controlling Pollution

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Pollution is one the main problem faced all over the world. People are not able to cope with this problem as it is unable to control. There are different types of pollution. Like water pollution in which the water gets polluted and affects the water bodies, noise pollution which affects human hearing.  Land pollution in which the soil gets destroyed.

In the past we had a clean society. People cared about their environment. Our streets were clean, people knew how and where to put the waste products. Our water channels were clean and the water was pure, people used it for drinking as well. Today, the water is not clean and pure. Water channels are filled with garbage and the sewerage pipes are also mixed with the water which makes it unable to drink.

People have become so careless that they don’t care about the effects of this pollution. Streets have become polluted by people throwing wrappers and another waste in the streets. Children need different awareness campaigns so that they can avoid polluting their environment. Pollution affects human lives in many ways.  We want a clean environment free of all diseases.

It’s important to control pollution in the initial stages before it grows and destroys the beauty of our nature. It’s also important to mitigate pollution and stay safe from the diseases that are caused by pollution. For this purpose we need to organize awareness sessions for the school children and use other techniques to educate the community.


The type of pollution which is faced in Gojal is the land and water pollution. People are using different detergents and are throwing it in the water channels which go to their fields and where other people use it for drinking. People also throw their waste products in the water which makes the water dirty and undrinkable.

People especially the children in our area have become so careless that they don’t know where a waste should be thrown. They are unaware of the idea of using dustbins. The areas near the markets are the most polluted areas. Children buy thing from the shops and throw the waste where ever they want.

Cutting down trees for new constructions has also become an issue. Trees are cut more than they are planted. When trees are cut more they can be issue of fresh air and oxygen.

We need to develop an educated society where everybody knows their roles and responsibilities in developing a healthy environment.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of this project is to preserve the beauty of nature and protect the animal life and plant life.

The main objectives of this project are to;

Educate 15 schools and 2 colleges’ children about the effects of pollution on human health and society, of Gojal 1 in the period of six months.
Plant 1000 plants in five villages of Gojal 1 in the plantation season per year for the period of 3 years.
Place 100 dustbins near 10 commercial areas and 15 schools of the five villages of Gojal 1.


The population of Gojal 1 is around 16000 and they will be benefited from this project. 60% of the population is youth and are studying at different schools and colleges; they will get to know about the effects of pollution on human health and society.

Farmers are 20% of the population they will get benefit from tree plantation and can sell the fruits and wood to generate their source of income.


People need awareness to overcome the problem. Awareness will be in the form of lectures and sessions in different school and colleges. Experts on environmental pollution will visit schools and colleges and they will deliver lectures on every aspect of pollution. We can also distribute flyers and pamphlets regarding the effects of a polluted environment. We can paste posters in different places.

We can demand different plants from the down areas like Gilgit and distribute them among the villagers.

Metal dustbins can be demanded and placed in different areas of Gojal 1. The Dustbins need to be placed in the commercial and school areas because these are the most polluted areas.

Output, outcomes, Impacts:

This project will help in reducing pollution. The environment will be clean and water will be drinkable. People will be educated reducing pollution in their society. Other people will get inspired by the clean environment and they will also try to have a clean environment too. Tourists are always attracted towards a clean and beautiful environment; in that case our income will also increase.  

More plantation will be introduced through this project.


Budget Estimate:

The estimated budget required for this project will be Rs.10,00,000.

Organizational Information: AKYSB guiding chapter for Gojal is an organization working for girl guides in developing their personal and professional skills. 



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