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"Our Mission is to lead our community in the prevention of domestic violence and break the cycle of abuse."

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First and foremost, at COPE, we believe that every life is of value and is worth saving and protecting. With that premise in mind, we are equipped to provide immediate and safe lodging to families escaping violence. Our emergency shelter is a place of regeneration, where women can find rest as they reconnect with themselves and their children in a safe, caring, and supportive environment. Everyone’s situation is different: Some stay for the night; some as long as a month. However long they’re here, they will find the support they need to break free from the daily threat of oppression and violence.

Families under stress produce children under stress. Whether they witnessed violence at home or endured abuse first-hand, children enter COPE with a distorted sense of self and an altered perception of family life. We have a staff of advocates experienced in helping children recover and reconnect with their parent and siblings.

Women aren’t the only ones who face family violence in their lives. Often men are trapped in abusive relationships simply because they won’t “fight back” when the abuser is of the opposite sex. They’ve been taught their entire lives to “man-up”. Leaving often makes them feel like a failure. This could not be further from the truth: It takes a much greater man to walk away, than it does to simply stay. Whether the abuse occurs within a marriage, domestic partnership, or dating relationship, we can offer assistance by providing short term, safe housing at one of the local hotels. Men are entitled to the same outreach services as the women who utilize COPE’s varied resources.

What ever the need may be, COPE is here to help.