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Cornerstone Special Education Advocacy

Realizing that a person may have a disability doesn't mean the disability has the person. Never underestimate the power of gainful employment and the opportunities it can give a person. It all starts with an appropriate education and a plan for transition. Tax ID 47-3042500


According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, as of August 2015, only 19.5% of people with disabilities are participating in the labor force. That leaves a whopping 80.5% who are relying on different sources of income (including government assistance), may be incarcerated or institutionalized, or having their needs met by another agency. All of these program are usually funded at the financial burden of the U.S. taxpayer.

While students are still in school, Special Education Services administered properly and completely, could make a dramatic change in these numbers and outcomes for these individuals.

Our mission is to empower students with disabilities to become independent, self-sufficient, individuals that can self-advocate for their needs and become a productive part of society while contributing their gifts and talents to the community.

We coach and train parents of students with disabilities how to navigate and fully utilize special education services, so their child can have complete access to the same education that children without disabilities acquire.

We partner with parents whose children need special education services to develop strategies that will continue throughout their child’s education until completion. Those strategies also include a transition to the pursuit of higher education or into the workforce.