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Help us change corporate marketing—forever.

Marketing can be a force for good. Employed for the right ends, tools like public relations and advertising can foster conversations and help consumers make responsible decisions. Marketing can also be a force for ill. Every day, we are bombarded with messages that at best mislead and at worst actively undermine societal goals such as public health and sustainability.

The Corporation 2020 Accountable Marketing Project is bringing together a diverse group of global stakeholders with the goal of tilting the scales in favor of marketing as a force for good. It’s time to go from simply “good selling” to “selling good.”

The first step in our journey will entail developing an ambitious framework of marketing principles and guidelines (think of it as a Declaration of Accountable Marketing). We’ll then work with leading corporations and policymakers to pilot and promote the guidelines, with a specific focus on making the business case for accountable marketing. Finally, we’ll work with this group of leaders to put pressure on their peers—reshaping marketing through powerful internal leadership.

And here’s where we need your help. Before we can do anything, we need to get a handle on the state of marketing and existing approaches to holding marketers accountable. Our goal is to raise X by X to fund an initial survey and pilot program at leading corporations.

We could approach our goal through the usual routes of foundation and government grants. But Corporation 2020 is about consumers and citizens taking power into their own hands to reform the business world. Help fund this project and we’ll do our part to transform your dollars into high-level corporate and government action. 

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