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It’s time to kick big polluters out of climate talks.

 The international policy process at the U.N. intended to deliver action and justice on climate change is failing us. The reason? Corporate interference. By presenting themselves as necessary “stakeholders” and vital partners in confronting climate change, fossil fuel corporations have gained a seat at the table from which they actively sabotage the policy-making process, grinding it to a halt. At a time when the need for climate action is more apparent than ever before, this is unacceptable. It’s time to kick big polluters out of climate talks. 

We launched our campaign to Kick Big Polluters Out of climate talks just two years ago, at the behest of our allies, who recognized our organization’s success in insulating the global tobacco treaty from the outsized influence of the tobacco industry and creating the conditions for innovations in policy to take root. Our aim with this campaign is similar: insulate U.N. climate talks from the interference of the fossil fuel industry. Even though we are only on year two of our journey, our expertise mobilizing the grassroots, shifting the public climate through media, and training activists to have their voices heard has notched significant victories:

  • We moved President Obama to allocate half a billion dollars for climate justice. Nearly 100,000 people joined our call to move Obama to fulfill the U.S.’ pledge to the Green Climate Fund, which funds critical climate mitigation and prevention projects throughout the Global South. Three days before he left office, Obama moved $500 million to the fund.
  • We mobilized a groundswell of grassroots power to call out conflicts of interest at the UNFCCC. More than 700,000 people, including our members, and dozens of organizations including Greenpeace,, and Amazon Watch signed our petition to eject the fossil fuel industry from the U.N. climate negotiations.  This call secured widespread media coverage in outlets such as BBC and Mother Jones
  • We reached more than 1.5 billion people with coverage secured in top-tier media outlets including CNN International, Financial Times, and the Guardian. Coverage highlighted a range of issues -- from the undue influence of fossil fuel corporations at the UNFCCC space to the dangers of the U.S. presidential election and its potential impact on climate policy. 
  • We led the local organizing coalitions in planning People’s Climate Mobilizations in Boston and the Bay Area, and were a core member of the “Fossil Fuel Resistance Bloc” at the march in Washington, D.C. It was an all-out blitz as we: funded these events, facilitated planning meetings, trained activists, educated coalition members, prepped speakers, planned logistics, pitched media, booked musicians, and more. The result was a resounding success that made waves in the media and strengthened and deepened relationships within the climate justice movement.

We need your support now more than ever before as we continue our fight for international policy that protects everyone from the devastation of climate change and it’s related effects. Justice cannot be achieved within the confines of a process focused on maintaining corporate bottom lines.




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