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The Children's Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA) prevents human trafficking and exploitation in north Thailand. Tax ID 20-3708527


COSA utilizes a holistic, system-strengthening approach to empower communities and prevent child trafficking.  COSA builds trust in its targeted communities through medical outreach and school transportation programs. It empowers local schools and the community to speak out against trafficking and to support girls identified as at-risk or removed from trafficking.  In concert, COSA works with local authorities, including law enforcement, providing equipment and training, and strengthens communication systems between local authorities, the school, and the community.  With this approach, the entire community, including schools and local authorities are empowered and mobilized to prevent child trafficking.

To further strengthen these communities against trafficking, COSA provides a shelter for girls who have been removed from trafficking or at risk environments.  This shelter ensures the girls have access to medical care and are able to receive a quality education at the local school. These girls regularly return to their home village better-educated, speaking English, working towards higher education, and pursuing a path of choice and opportunity. Their success furthers COSA’s goal of girls returning home to educate their families and communities, and serves as a catalyst to shift the social paradigm from one of exploitation and child labor to education and empowerment.