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John Di Rico's Fundraiser:

Climbing for Bednets

John's Photo
John's Photo

John Di Rico via Crowdrise
April 07, 2012

Hi all! Switched to this fundraising page:  See more

BENEFITING: United Nations Foundation

EVENT DATE: Apr 08, 2012


Mileage Tracker: 50,000

John Di Rico


On April 8th, I plan to climb Mount Cotopaxi just outside of Quito, Ecuador. I have set a goal to raise $589.70 to purchase 59 anti-malarial bednets--$10 or 1 bednet for every 100 meters.
The first 4800 meters shouldn't be too hard (by bus to base camp). It's the altitude sickness, lack of oxygen and perilous glacier, not to mention active volcano, that I'm worried about!
A reminder every 100 meters that my family and friends are supporting me will help me reach the top.
Thanks for your support!


PS - Did you know that in Sub-Saharan Africa, malaria is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5, killing one child every 60 seconds and nearly 700,000 children per year?

  Did you also know that since 2008, the seconds keep increasing? In 2008, it was a child every 30 seconds, last year every 45 seconds, now every 60 seconds. That's 500,000 children saved per year from now on thanks to the efforts of people around the world to eradicate malaria.   You can be a part of history! Help eradicate malaria today... we're at the tipping point! 


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