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Our mission is to empower young people, individuals and groups with the skills necessary to promote safety, unity and achievement in schools and communities. Tax ID 11-2880221


National and local media testify to the fact that the youth of America face violence, bias, bullying and alienation every day. Council for Unity has taken a leadership role in helping communities create broader safety nets for our children. All the programs and activities of the Council for Unity confront the following very complex and challenging issues:


When a community is faced with violence, Council for Unity provides its anti-gang, violence reduction models to schools and community centers. The child's need for family, safety, self-esteem and responsibility are met through the application of our customized curriculum, obviating the tendency to join anti-social peer groups. By empowering alienated youth to address the problems that plague them, by teaching them values and democratic approaches to solving problems, their sense of impotency dissipates. They become part of the solution to the problems that beset them and, in turn, become productive citizens.

Racial Tensions

When a community is confronted with racial or ethnic tension, Council for Unity applies its unity model to bring conflicting groups together. Agendas are established that focus on attacking problems rather than individuals. Participants are then directed to seek a common good that benefits all parties. In addition, the Council's “building bridges strategy” reaches out to recently arrived immigrant youth, helping them to feel safe and accepted in their new communities.


Many youth feel helpless, alone and alienated. Council for Unity provides a support system for life that gives much needed predictability to youngsters who feel lost. By providing social, cultural and educational opportunities, by including parents, educators and mentors as care givers, these children become confident and reconnected to society.