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January 05, 2012

1st Day of Practice... Our team is looking good!!!  See more
Shawna Ragland


Living in a rural community has it's benefits, but also has it's set backs. Families are often forgotten to larger more urban assistance. We have lived in Locust Fork, Alabama for 13 years. Since the beginning our children have been involved in community league sports (t-ball, baseball, football and basketball). We have met so many wonderful people through these sports. We started to notice the decline in enrollment in these leagues as the economy started to struggle. Families could no longer afford extras including little league sports. Since 2008 we have tried to sponsor at least one child in each sport every season. We enjoy getting to see these children's build bonds and learn so many life lessons that will last a lifetime. We try to do things that help earn money for our mission. I take team pictures and use any profits made to help sponsor children with fees and extra costs like uniforms and shoes. I also volunteer in exchange for donations to our park by taking pictures for the Chris Hammond Youth Foundation Golf Tournament every spring. My husband and I would like to help so many more children play, but like many people in this country we too are struggling by the slow economy.

The Impact
The impact of your donation woul mean the world to children who are often forgotten. The bigger areas have the assistance of larger companies with sponsors and the ability to qualify for grants. Your donation will make sure a kid will get to play, as well as have transportation to practices and games. The statistics tell you all you need to know about the advantages of participating in athletics. “Kids who participate in sports attend school more, are more community and civic minded, get in less trouble, and tend to be more successful in the workplace. They have done studies from corporate leaders in the country: The number who made honor role was less than 20% but those who played sports was 70% – 80%.” Young athletes learn to work together, acquire leadership skills, get a sense of discipline and learn communication skills. All of these things are keys to success in the workplace. Ensure kids get all these benefits by staying in sports. To understand why children and teens stay in sports in rural areas, you have to understand why they drop out. The Number One reason: Money and availability of community funds to support programs. Our coaches focus more on skill-building and on having fun than on winning. Sports helps them not only build relationships, but it helps them grow up more confident. Children shoul not ever have to worry about not being able to afford tp "play".

What We Need & What You Get
ALL donations will go to support children play in rural community sports. Not only in our community but others as well. There is nothing for us to gain financially, no overhead, just helping kids play.


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