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Courage And A Cure

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Courage And A Cure Hello, my name is Greg Murphy and my wife is Jodie. My wife was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in August of 2014. She fought the wretched disease that is cancer. Thankfully, she has been in remission since December 2014. Following her horrific experience with cancer, she launched a nonprofit with the mission of giving back. My wife gives back in a few meaningful ways. 1. She has designed what we think are the most stylish, softest T-shirts/apparel. Not only am I talking about philanthropic or cancer related T-shirts; I’m talking about any T-shirt. 2. With every single sale she makes, Jodie donates a T-shirt to a person currently battling this disease that isn’t in a financial position to buy one. The reason she donates a shirt to a current cancer patient is simple; just because you feel crappy, doesn’t mean you have to look crappy. The shirts are so soft, which is helpful during treatment. 3. Jodie donates the proceeds from every sale to support cancer patients and programs around the country. 4. Jodie organizes and funds events for cancer patients. For example, she is organizing a paint night for current patients. 5. Jodie actively advocates for cancer patients around the world. This effort is to raise awareness and funds for current patients. 6. Jodie organizes fundraisers around the country and donates 100% to fund research and cancer related programs. Joan Lunden wrote and published an article about Jodie and her efforts last month. Jodie has several styles available for sale on her website, Thank you to all that have supported her. If you haven’t visited the website within the past week, several new styles are there and available. Please follow and support her in Instagram and Facebook at:



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Gregory is working on selecting a charity so you can support Courage And A Cure.