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Kim Hamstead wrote -

Cole Hamstead (age 11—almost 12!) and Devin Banks (age 11) are two active boys who enjoy playing baseball, basketball, golf and karate! These cousins were both diagnosed with severe Hemophilia shortly after birth (a lifelong bleeding disorder).    

The boys bravely face getting infusions into a vein in their hand or arm every other day to replace the missing clotting factor --which means over 180 needle "sticks" a year! This medication allows them to play most sports and run around like other kids and avoid having serious bleeding from falls that can cause pain and long term damage to their joints. Even with treatment there is a risk of microbleeds which are small bleeds in their joints that can occur as the factor medication starts to wear off. These small bleeds can still contribute to long term permanent joint damage.   

The boys understand what it means to live with Hemophilia and the lifestyle choices they need to make to keep them from getting painful and life threatening bleeds. They also know that it is important to raise money for a CURE! The boys will be participating in a Hemophilia Walk on October 7th in Collegeville, PA to raise funds to help improve the lives of those with Hemophilia by finding better treatments, preventing the complications of the disorder and funding research for a CURE!    

There have been really exciting advances in gene therapy research that could mean a cure! Researchers in gene therapy are working towards a permanent one-time "cure". If successful, the patient's genetic code will be reprogrammed inducing the body to produce proper clotting factors on its own. The research is happening at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We really want to do what we can to help support this research and YOUR donations really help! 

NOTE: Please remember that many companies will match donations made by employees so please submit a request to have your gift matched. This is a great way to make your gift go farther. Please notate "Cousins for a Cure" when you submit your gift match to your company. 

 BANK OF AMERICA ASSOCIATES: Minimum donation of $25.00 required. Go to Flagscape and click on “Essential Links” at the bottom left of the screen. Under “About Us” you will find “Apply for Matching Gifts”. Search "Hemophilia" and select state "Pennsylvania". The Eastern PA Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation will appear near the top of the list.  

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