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We create Holistic, Systemic Improvement for Haitians through Strategic Partnerships.

- We believe that all of the brokenness and dysfunction can be radically altered and reversed.

- We envision local communitities where lives are being changed and empowered daily.

- We believe that education can and will be made available to every person – regardless of age or location.

- We believe that the depressed economy can be revitalized through introducing sustainable business models, leadership and skills training, micro-financing, and moral & ethical renewal of individuals.

- We envision people of all ages receiving the medical care they need – drastically decreasing the mortality rate among women and children who die daily from treatable conditions.

- We believe that food and sanitary water can be provided to all Haitians.

- We believe the leadership structures in all areas of society can be dramatically encouraged training principle-driven men and women to be agents of change in a broken society.