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Cracker Box Palace, along with our partners, Genesee Land Trust and with a grant from NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, recently finished the purchase of the farm the shelter resided at since 2004. Our mission is to keep the shelter running strong to help farm animals in need, preserve the 600 + acre historic, Shaker Farm that has been known as Alasa Farms for the past 90 years and keep it open and serving the community for generations to come with farm land, wild life and environmental conservation along with preserving the history of the farm itself. Tax ID 16-1600471


Cracker Box Palace opened its doors at a small farm in Sodus, NY back in 2001 with 30 farm type animals coming in the first year.  It outgrew this farm and moved to Alasa Farms in 2004 where it continued to grow to house over 300 animals in the past years. These animals including horses, a cow, an alpaca, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs and hogs, and a variety of birds, come to the shelter mostly from cruelty investigations and from people that no longer have the means to keep their animals and don't want to see them sold off for meat or breeding purposes.  The ones that can be healed sometimes find new, loving forever homes and the ones that can't live their days out here on the farm as ambassadors for people wanting to learn more about their care or as a therapy with gentle ear to listen or a warm neck to hug. *The video included is from our capital campaign when we were fundraising for the farm back in 2010, but it shows the farm's beautiful barns and views, along with its wonderful animals! 

 In 2013 the farm became ours and it has been our priviledge and goal to preserve the farm's rich history, keep the farm lands farming, rebuild the barns and buildings and preserve and protect the woods and wildlife conservation.  But there is much work to be done in all areas of the farm and the need for more support financially, in manpower and in donations are our challenge. 

We welcome help in all forms!  Obiviously the cash donations are a great way to help, but inkind donations are also a blessing!  Expert advise or services are welcome as well as attending our events or joining our membership list. 

More information about Cracker Box Palace is available at our web site at