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Craig Fitzgerald

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Brian SAYS:
Hi friends - Wanted to shar…
Hi friends -

Wanted to share this article about where your donations are being put to work from your support of our Marathon fundraising efforts.

I am very grateful for your support each year - please know that the money you give always makes a direct impact. This year's gift may perhaps be one of grants that I am most proud of - so thank you!

I hope you are winning the day.


2 years ago
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Brian SAYS:
Hello friends - Just wanted…
Hello friends -

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks prior to tomorrow's big day. It's both energizing and humbling to see how much support I get each year for this crazy ritual.

I am very grateful for your involvement with my race experience and that you've become part of Golf Fights Cancer's ongoing and growing success. We've raised an amazing $215,000 and counting to date - our small little group continues to make quite an impact!

My bib# is 30,970 - I am starting solidly at the back of the pack!

If you want to track my progress, or lack thereof, simply text RUNNER to 234567 using your mobile phone. You will then receive a text response with instructions on how to submit my bib number.

There is also an app you can find here:

Many thanks for all your support. Looking forward to winning the day tomorrow.

2 years ago
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Double Your Donation to Golf…
Double Your Donation to Golf Fights Cancer

Thank you for supporting TeamGFC’s 2014 Boston Marathon fundraising efforts! We are proud of all 18 team members who have collectively raised $185,000. At this time, we are closing in on our goal of $200,000 and would like to ask for your help in getting there by way of matching gifts.

One in ten gifts are eligible for a corporate match. If all of our 2014 Boston Marathon eligible supporters submitted their gift for a match, we could add approximately $20,000 to the cause! Would you kindly take a moment to follow the link below to verify if your employer (or your spouse’s employer) offers such a benefit? Thank you!

What is an employer Matching Gift?

Many companies set aside funds each year to match contributions their employees make to qualified non-profit organizations. Most often, the companies match contributions dollar for dollar, and some programs may match at higher ratios!

What do I need to do to get my gift matched?

The employee must initiate the matching gift process. Just contact your HR department to obtain the proper paperwork or website link and submit basic information such as charity name, gift amount and gift date.

How can I verify to my company that GFC can receive charitable contributions?

Golf Fights Cancer is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN number is 34-1987772.

Any questions may be directed to:

Cheryl McGuire
Program Director
Golf Fights Cancer
300 Arnold Palmer Boulevard
Norton, MA 02766
b. 774.430.9060
f. 774.430.9101

Visit our new website:
Like us on FB:
Follow us on Twitter:

Be sure to follow your GFC runner from Hopkinton to Boston on Monday, April 21st by texting their bib number (below) to 345678. It’s that simple! And thank you again for your most generous support.

Brad Baumgartner (34646)
Shawn Carroll (35571)
Arthur Duffy (29587)
Ted Fischer (29011)
Craig Fitzgerald (32507)
Maureen Fitzgerald (29580)
Tim Hawes (33230)
Eric Hilcoff (29581)
Julee Jaruszawicus (35722)
Paul Lazar (29582)
Jim McCloud (29583)
Dan McGovern (29584)
Berj Najarian (35625)
Brian Oates (28341)
Mike Oppel (29585)
Craig Powell (33612)
Ryan Powell (33676)
Jamie Tedford (29586)
4 years ago
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Andrew SAYS:
You are awesome! Vote back …
You are awesome! Vote back if you want. While you're at it check out my Napkin Picture that Crowdrise is featuring
5 years ago
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January vote for you! May 20…
January vote for you! May 2013 bring you nothing but Peace and Happiness!

If you got a second please check out my FYL project:

I´d love to have your support!
Have a great month!!!
Love, Nadine
5 years ago
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amanda SAYS:
November vote for you God Bl…
November vote for you God Bless
6 years ago
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Happy September Vote! We're …
Happy September Vote! We're back to school and back to getting books into the hands of readers everywhere.

Now until September 16th, you can help us win a share of $5,00,000 by voting for Reader to Reader in the Chase Community Giving Challenge on Facebook. Just copy and paste this link:

... and you’ll be redirected to the Challenge. Vote for Reader to Reader and share this exciting opportunity with your networks! When someone votes off of the link you share, you can vote a second time for Reader to Reader.
6 years ago
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Megan SAYS:
Welcome to Crowdrise vote co…
Welcome to Crowdrise vote coming your way :)

Can you help spread joy to VERY deserving children? By donating $20 to Imagine Scholar's student birthday project, you'll produce the purest kind of excitement and a lifelong memory. Our 25 students have never had the chance to celebrate a birthday before, let alone eat cake. With every $20 donation comes photo footage of one of the student's special day :)

Best wishes,
Megan + Imagine Scholar Team
6 years ago
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Michael SAYS:
There once was an Aussie nam…
There once was an Aussie named Craig
Who before the marathon looked like a keg
He ran to raise money and lose weight
but the latter was just not his fate
and soon he will have a sore leg
6 years ago
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Craig Fitzgerald
Newton, MA United States
Stuff About Me:

Aussies just do it better!  Well not always.  Having moved to the States in October, 2000, I have had the good fortune to witness the philanthropic ways that are at the heart of American culture. 

Those of us fortunate to have enjoyed good health and a happy family life have a great opportunity to help those less fortunate through various charities and fundraisers.  While I realize that not all people have equal resources or skills in athletic endeavors or even time to participate in fund raising activities, it is the shared sense of giving back that distinguishes the US from most other wealthy countries. 

Having succumbed to many of the indulgent temptations on offer in my new found home I have finally, at the prompting of a very persistent and truly motivational friend, set out to even up the balance sheet.  In just a short three weeks time, I will be running the Boston Marathon, accomplishing a personal goal and simultaneously raising cash for the charity Golf Fights Cancer ( 

Whilst my immediate family has been fortunate to escape the ravages of cancer, I do have a story to relate.  A childhood friend of mine, Damien G, has been battling brain cancer for the better part of 15 years and unfortunately has recently experienced several setbacks.  Damien is the father of three young children, who he cares for just as we all care and love our own kids.  The difference is that each day Damien has with his kids is a bonus. 

Even though I live but a block from the actual Boston Marathon route, running the race has been worlds away for me until now.   In fact, I would much rather be playing golf than running a marathon, so please join me in making a difference in the fight against cancer.  Golf Fights Cancer is committed to making a difference in the fight against cancer and the organization puts your donation directly to work in tangible ways.  Our collective efforts will hopefully will one day lead to the cure for friends like Damien and his family. 

Thanks for your consideration and support. 

Cheers, mate!



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