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The Cranbrook Educational Community provides extraordinary education, encourages creativity and innovation, and values learners of all ages and backgrounds. Cranbrook develops people who will live with purpose and integrity, create with passion, explore with curiosity, and strive for excellence.

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Cranbrook has a rich history where education, art, science and notable collections intersect on a national landmark campus. We promote an environment of learning and creating where excellence, innovation, collaboration, inclusivness, stewardship and service are fostered. 

Excellence: Maintain the highest standards of achievement, performance, and integrity in all of our activies; 

Innovation: Support innovation, creativity and curiosity across our programs in our people;

Collaboration: Work together to maximize the strength of our programs and take advantage of collaborative opportunities to enrich the experiences we provide; 

Inclusivness: Promote divesity and acess to all people regardless of background, beliefs, socioeconomic standing or ethnicity; 

Stewardship: Manage Cranbrook's historic legacy responsibly, and sugment it carefully. Recuirt and retain talented employees who responsibly support our constituents. Maintain and strengthen relationships with alumni and other constituents;

Service: Share the "best of Cranbrook" with others.