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Hello Friend, Cranial Release Technique is an elegant and intricate one minute technique that will melt your stress away. Ultimately CRT optimizes the function of your central nervous system to help you feel better and allow your body to restore...Total wellness from the inside out.

CRT: Cranial Release Technique. Read closely, please.

Some history: Cranial-based healthcare had it's origins in the early 1900's. Dr. William Garner Sutherland pioneered the concept of cranial bone movement while he was a student... Sutherland linked the movement to a 'respiratory' one and created the terminology " Primary Respiratory Mechanism" . Sutherland felt that not only the cranium, but the spinal column and the long bones of the body as well were involved in the rhythmic movement of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. We now know that the Dura Mater protecting the brain and spinal cord is the key link. Firmly attached to the internal surfaces of the cranial bones as well as the circumference of the Foramen Magnum, the Dura Mater exits the cranial vault and attaches indirectly to the posterior arch of the Atlas,etc. It is this dural link which makes the connection between distortion of the cranium and aberrant spinal alignment and balance. Tensions within the cranial Dura Mater can be transmitted to spinal segments and the sacrum creating misalignment and imbalance. The entire fascial system of the body has a relationship with the cranial Dura as well. As do the cranial nerves and potentially the hormonal system of the body through the relationship of the cranial Dura to the hypothalamic- pituitary tract.

Testimonies and Benefits:

- Our head closely surrounds the brain. The movement of the bones of the head is also closely related to the proper function of our nervous system. With a steady cranial rhythm, the electrical impulses flow freely, and our nervous system performs on an optimal level. If the rhythm is distorted, our nervous system falls out of balance, our resistance to stress and trauma decreases- and our health is at stake.

- Dr. Sutherland also found out, that the proper movement of the bones can be restored. The various methods to accomplish are called "Cranial work". The goal of these methods is ultimately the same: to help the cranial bones regain their natural movement in order to ensure the proper function of the nervous system and support optimal overall health.

- CRT is a gentle, intricate, and elegant technique. A hands-on method to restore the natural movement of the bones of the head. CRT releases stress, help to regain optimal function of the nervous system, and supports overall health.

-CRT is a correction that improves all systems of the body, especially neurological and endocrine functioning

-You will feel and see things/changes happen that you haven't before with any other treatment

-Incredible results for some of the most "utterly hopeless situations" -Success of modality with conditions in poor eyesight, TMJ, headaches, carpal tunnel, post-term pregnancy, stress and anxiety, endocrine dysfunction including hypo thyroid and diabetes. - Will help just about anyone !

- Any way to gauge the body's imbalances change immediately

Notes from C.B, LMT : Dramatic recovery and improvement in patients with fibromyalgia, neck pain, back pain, migraines, knee pains, headaches, Trigeminal Neuralgia, IBS, arm pain from cervical nerve entrapment. Decreased blood sugar in Diabetic patient, lowered blood pressure- to name a few. Benefits are limitless !!

Yes, I received CRT for myself and I was amazed of my bodie's change ! I had an unexplained pain in my shoulder before my first CRT, this hasn't come back sense ! I got my mental clarity back ! When I took a short walk after, I felt lighter. I wasn't "leaning" to one side. And an emotion of worry was gone- I literally felt like I could conquer the world the world. I felt brave again !!

I must do this to help others ! Help me complete a vision. Thank you for your time and donation.

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