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"When you refuse to do things that are repugnant to your conscious, you use soul force" Gandhi
Create Social Change is an educational outreach movement challenging the current beliefs and reactions to violence created by learned behaviors. The goal is to empower individuals to take responsibility for the choices they make and understand the impact those choices have in their community.
Company Overview
Create Social Change was found in 2008 and is the brain child of two social activists who are redefining current views on violence in the United State.

The root of violence is violence and if people respond to physical or emotional abuse with anger, retaliation, shame and resentment people will continue to produce the same results. Social change starts from within and if “I” stop violence with “myself” it will not escalate into more violence and affect the community.

Every program is designed to provide a transformative experience, helping those that would normally just survive trauma turn into everyday leaders.
Turning Negative Into Positive: Brings together artists, musicians, theater and spoken word to inspire the community to recognize the power we have as individuals to transform the "negatives" in life into a reflection of positive social change.

We Step Into the Light: Brings together individuals who have been sexually assaulted with artists to create an original piece celebrating their transformational experience. It marks the first time some will make a public statement about their experience of being sexually assaulted. During this 3 month process, in which the models receive weekly coach calls and bi-monthly workshops, these models have the opportunity to transform their trauma such that they can bring their lessons back to the wider community. The 3-month program culminates in an community art show.