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Cristina de la Paz

Cristina de la Paz
Makati, Philippines
Stuff About Me:

I've been volunteering for the better part of two years now. Several causes here and there but the one that's cut to the core as of late is helping street children and those who have been victims of cyber sex crimes and child human trafficking in my country, the Philippines. I work for a local organisation that houses 20 odd girls who have been victimes of such crimes through the hands of stranger and/or their own family members.  I help out with their English studies and arts & crafts.  It doesn't seem like much and I want to do so much more, not only for these girls but for the thousand others in the country, the region and the world.

I'm not going to crowdrise, just yet, keep an eye on this page, I suppose. I'll be talking to the organisers of my current charity and will reach out to more organisers to see what can be done through funding, or actual on the ground action.  I supply the girls arts and crafts materials when I am there, I don't think I'll need much help on that front for the time being, if I was to start a fund it might be for something more substantial. 

These girls, just these 20 plus ones, have the rest of the lives ahead of them. You don't see the damaged kids. At least I haven't seen it. But I know it's there. I'm damaged myself, fixed and taped up all over the place, I have had my tough days, now I just want to help. I can't go after the sick people out there who victimise these children, I'm not qualified. So this is what I have planned.

Again, watch this space. Ask me questions if you want. I'll update up top when I can.  Thanks for reading.



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