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U.S. citizens have been extremely concerned about the ever growing deficit. With the high deficit, fragile economy and high unemployment Americans citizens need to develop solutions to help reduce our government spending.
High school dropouts cause a major financial burden on government spending. On an average 1.2 million high school students dropout of school each year. With economical hardships on the rise this number is expected to increase drastically in the coming years. It is expected to rise to approximately 3.5 million dropouts per year by 2020. The United States can no longer absorb the high cost of high school dropouts.
Here are some dropout facts:
- Over the life time of a high school dropout will cost the nation $360,000 in lost earnings and wages. This is tax revenue our government will not receive from each dropout.
-92% of the dropout population are on welfare and food stamp programs costing tax payers (in 2011) $927 Billion.
-86% of the U.S. prison population consist of high school dropouts which cost the U.S. taxpayers $70 Billion each year.
-High school dropouts are most likely not to have personal medical insurance and depend on Medicaid, which cost taxpayers $687 Billion in 2011.

High school dropouts is costing taxpayers well over a trillion dollars per year. Here is an example of what a trillion dollars looks like:
If I started a business when Jesus was born approximately 2012 years ago with a $1 Trillion budget and I lost $1 Million each day. I would have 728 more years to go before my budget would run out.

Crossroads Academy, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit, is seeking funds to offer Literacy, ESL and GED tutoring classes for the public throughout the nation. Our goals is to deploy teams to major metropolitan areas to help churches and public organizations start a Crossroads Academy adult education program. These academies will have paid staff and volunteers and an established curriculum.

Helping Crossroads Academy will help with the following:
-Reduce crime
-Reduce welfare and food stamp expense
-Reduce state and U.S. deficit
-Increase the skill labor market
-Increase tax revenue by adding more taxpayers
-Much more

Please support this cause by donation and/or getting the word out.

Thank you for your support and God bless


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