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Crystal n harley

Organized by: Crystal Barr

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My little Chihuahuaand I are homeless in dire need of some medical attention for him he's been throwing up for 2 days I have no funds I was in a coma in October for 3 days I had been hit on my moped having a real hard time dealing with things and don't know where to go from here somebody mentioned GoFundMe and some other fundraising sites so here's my story I lived in a trailer park on River Road and all of this for 7 years they foreclose on the property and was trying to evict everyone even though they had no worries that will done by family they had people coming in saying they were someone elcebut they weren't they had cops on the sides there was a mention of the illegal things going on we had a pile of garbage which is 30 feet by 20 feet and 10 feet high if not higher continue to believe these people that call themselves people they didn't care that we had no place to go we had already gone without water for a whole year before they started avicting us the so-called owner told me he killed my dog but that's not the just of it the first thing he said was I want this dog out of herr if you don't do something about it I will my dog had done nothing wrong so two days later my dog disappears and he told me he had killed my dog I called the police didn't do nothing about it bear was my service dog I am disabled my left eye was removed in 2006 ended up breaking down my trailer or excuse me bulldozing it down that was the second trailer they had ruined of mine they had herassed me and many other people's I ended up homeless and had someone hit me on my mopedI was in a coma for 3 days I don't remember 4 days after being hit they released me from the hospital the first day I woke up I don't believe that's right they should have kept me at least 24 hours I ended up having hallucinations all kind of hallucinations from The True Confessions I had in my back of my head I also had three fractured bones in my neck two fractured bones in my back my lungs were punctured I shouldn't be alive today thank God I am I count my blessings for being alive however it's kind of hard being homeless when I can't work for any extra money I can do much of anything and thankful still walking anyways that led me to doing things I have never really ever thought of doing before like I'm having my husband stay at my side 24/7 cuz I thought somebody was trying to kill me accusing my husband of things that I thought I seen and in reality I guess they never seen him or maybe I did accusing my husband of doing things behind my back lying to me cheating on me however that's not the man that I married a man that I know also at the end of him dealing with all that my marriage has come to an end so I'm out here by myself however he had nothing there when I got out of the hospital so three weeks after I got out I was sleeping under a tarp during Christmas I was under the blankets me and my husband in the freezing cold I don't think about it moving into a house renting a room I have mental problems from this wreck getting my head hit so hard pretty much can't even move the same I used to have before so long story short people are getting in a relationship telling both of us different things and make an ass out of you they wanted to split it it works because my husband didn't want to be homeless again don'tmy husband told me he would stay with me when I say stay with me at least till I got it taken care of my mental everything else decided to stay with his friends in that house everything he told me interview and now me and my dog which was supposed to be like our son second son because bear was never never found after new manage meet told me he killed my dog . I've never been one to ask anybody so much as anything especially donations but I'm on the lowest point in my life my little Chihuahuas 6 months started throwing up last nightlast night I need help. at this point I'm unable to do much for him or myself I'm dead broke he eats before I do my husband don't give a rat's ass and I found out how many friends you have so I'm asking for help from whoever reads this would be much appreciated so I can get to feeling better without so many worries thank you Crystal Barr


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Crystal Barr

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Crystal is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Crystal n harley.

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