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Crystal Lion & Star Fire

Crystal Lion & Star Fire
Tampa, FL United States
Stuff About Me:


Greetings & Love!

Namaste, Blessed Be, and Welcome~

Our names are Taylor White & Erica Black, but you can call us 'Crystal Lion & Star Fire'

Twin Flames, Light Workers, Lovers, Hippies, Healers, Psychonauts, Shamans, name a few aspects. We are a powerful team, driven by The Divine Source & all of its Infinite Love. 
We believe we have been seeded here, as many others, for a beautiful reason, to undo the corrupt Systems of Old, to throw a wrench in the Cogs of The Machine. To report the situation here back to Source, and to ustilize our tools to put in place a SUSTAINABLE, Natural system that works in Harmony for the greatest good of ALL Beings, ALL Planets, and ALL Consciousness.

To heal ourselves and all of those around us, to activate the DNA & Divine Potential that lyes dormant within ALL of us, to lift the Veil placed upon the eyes of the sleepy masses. The Sun is RISING, and it is time to WAKE UP.


We are deeply into Nutrition, Crystal Therapy and the use of frequency to heal the body, mind & Spirit. We love making Orgone Energy Devices, and envision a future full of abundance and success for ourselves and all of Mother GAIA through the collective use of the tools mentioned above, weaving it all into one Self Sustainable Business, Earth Vitality Boosting Super Power, Life Purpose & Mission! 

Please check out our Campaign to learn more about just what it is that we are doing.
Many Blessings...

Peace, Love, and Light. <3




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