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Culture Shock DC's mission is to dedicate to innovative performance, artist development, and community engagement by utilizing the power and beauty of Hip Hop dance. Tax ID 11-3826012


All of the activities we conduct under our mission tiers below are not possible without generous donations from supporters like YOU.  We appreciate all you can do to help us continue our programs and inspire others with the power and beauty of Hip Hop dance.


Innovative Performance


Culture Shock DC consist of about 150 talented dancers that perform in concerts in the Washington, DC-area as well as in national and international venues.  The dancers' ages range from Pre-K to those in their upper 20s.  Unlike other Hip Hop dance troupes, we do not compete.  Instead we perform as exhibitors to demonstrate innovative, artistic expressions of Hip Hop dance as well as inspire others to appreciate and participate in Hip Hop dance.  


In a nutshell we are like the Navy's Blue Angels when it comes to Hip Hop dance.


Culture Shock DC is divided into seven dance troupes, each representing a different age group and/or dance style:

  • Culture Shock- Choreo Team
  • Culture Shock- Freestyle Team
  • Afta Shock
  • Future Shock- Choreo Team
  • Future Shock- Freestyle Team
  • Mighty Shock
  • Mini Shock


Artistic Development


In order to encourage innovation as well as spread the power and appreciation of Hip Hop dance, Culture Shock DC hosts a number of programs to teach different styles of Hip Hop through our talented dancers or guest choreographers. 


Our weekly Wednesday evening classes are taught by our dancers and can cater to a variety of abilities from beginners to advance.  The classes are held at Dance Place in NE DC or the at the American Embassy of Dance in NW DC.  A list of our weekly classes can be found on our Facebook page.


We also host special workshops that invite guest choreographers to share their talents to local dancers.


Community Engagement


Since Culture Shock DC receives all of its support from generous community members, we enjoy returning the favor by serving our community in a number of ways.  Each of our older dancers can perform community service activities individuallly.


However the organization also participates in community initiatives including a partnership with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to participate in its DEA Youth Dance Program.   We teach Hip Hop dance to program participants for free to serve as an alternative to drugs and gang violence and to build self-esteem, resist negative pressures, and focus on a healthy lifestyle.