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Culture Shock DC's 1st Annual Holiday Campaign

Culture Shock DC's 1st Annual Holiday Campaign Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Nov 17, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 31, 2014

Culture Shock DC is launching its 1st Annual Holiday Campaign to benefit its dance programs in early 2015. Such programs will include the Annual Youth Showcase on March 21st as well as the organization's trip to Orlando, Florida for the Disney Youth Performances on April 3-5. 

Our goal is to raise $2,250 in 45 days (until December 31st). We will meet our goal if we can raise $50 each day.


Culture Shock DC made great strides in 2014 in fulfilling it's mission of hosting innovative performances, developing the talent of local Hip Hop dancers, and giving back to the community through service projects.  We actually receive many positive reviews of our concerts, especially the most recent Volume II performance at Dance Place in September.  


In addition to our concerts, Culture Shock DC also continues to host successful dance workshops every Wednesday at Dance Place to further develop beginner and even advanced Hip Hop Dancers in the DC-area. 

Will you help Culture Shock DC get a great start to 2015? We hope to continue to further develop our current programs in the beginning of the year with the help of additonal resources.  

Thank you for your generousity this holiday season!  We look forward to another year of spreading the power and beauty of Hip Hop Dance.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Director of Fundraising, Alvin Manalo, at