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CSU-P Neurophysiology Research Team

Organized by: Jarrod Mason

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EVENT DATE Apr 14, 2016



     My name is Jarrod Mason, and I am an undergraduate researcher and student for the Departments of Psychology/Biology at Colorado State University – Pueblo. I am a member of the Neurophysiology Research Team run by Dr. Barbara Brett, and we are in need of your help.

   In recent years, many neurological disorders have begun to rise in prevalence, most notably, a host of sensory processing disorders such as Autism and ADHD. With this, the need to know and understand these disorders, not only from a behavioral aspect, but also from a neurophysiological aspect has become the focus of doctors, researchers and those affected by these neurological dysfunctions. Research is a rewarding, yet demanding pursuit and it takes a special group of individuals to come together and try to push the boundary of science. Likewise, research is an incredibly strenuous process, filled with long hours of reading, studying, designing, and putting into action your theories and ideas to help a cause. These researchers are considered the Athletes of Academics, the ones who work behind the scenes, tirelessly pursuing every possible avenue to bring peace to the millions affected by disorders such as Autism or ADHD. They don’t do it for the money or the fame; they do it for the peace of mind. Many, like my team and I at Colorado State University – Pueblo, donate all of our time to the causes which we research. We find time in between our classes, work schedules and personal lives to follow our passions.

   With this, everyone has their time to shine and ours has finally come. After 14 months of hard work, we now have our chance to present at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Psychological Associations Conference held in Denver, Colorado (April 14-16th). We will be presenting our current research project, involving Sensory Processing/ADHD and bilateral electrodermal asymmetry, as well as garnering support and educating others on our next endeavor involving epilepsy and medicinal cannabis. We are looking for financial assistance to send our neurophysiology research team to Denver, so we may all see the fruits of our labor come to a reality. There are various cost associated with attending a conference of this magnitude, with the biggest expenditure being the $75 entry fee per person. Also, with it being a three day conference, we will need to purchase hotel rooms and meals for those who travel, along with the normal travel expenses of gas, snacks, etc. With most of our lab researchers being undergraduate students, it is difficult to find the funding and resources needed to support these activities. Having seen the time that each individual has put in, it would be amazing to have them rewarded for the work they put in and helped produce. We are looking for your financial support to help us get our Team up to the RMPA conference in April! Our initial goal is to raise $1000 by the conference date and any funding that is not used will be applied directly to our next research project which we will need $80,000 (Description Below). Thank you for the attention, support and time you dedicated to learning about our cause!

Attention is the rarest and purest form of Generosity” -Simone Weil

Neurophysiology Research Team

  • Dr. Barbara Brett
  • Tessa Luckini
  • Alaura Butler
  • Katie Freeman
  • Aaron Vialpando
  • Dustin Geist
  • Jarrod Mason


Future Research Endeavor (Summer 2016)

   In addition to this, our group is using our research experience and 14 months of previous studies to propel us into a much larger, integrated study involving Epileptic seizures and the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment. As many of you are aware, the use of Cannabis as a medical treatment has blossomed over the past few years and is now becoming a viable option of treatment for many disorders such as Epilepsy, PTSD, Pain, Cancer and so on. What is missing from a lot of this is solid research, backed by United States Universities. The lack of research is attributed mainly to red tape and legalities, and by a lack of funding available for research of this kind. With cannabis being a federally illegal substance, many routes to funding are no longer available and funding is increasingly difficult to come across due to the previous stigmas held against Cannabis as well as many of the disorders being researched. To fund research, alternative routes have to be utilized and taken advantage of in order to further the advancement of science as well as treatment options for many patients.

   Our research proposal involves the use of physiological recording bracelets, developed by the company Empatica. These bracelets monitor and record many different physiological body responses such as heart rate, temperature, electrodermal activity as well as body motion. These will be used on participants who have diagnosed epilepsy or seizure disorders to monitor and track their body responses. From this data, we can perform research aimed at understanding the disorders, as well as doubling as a clinical research tool to study the effectiveness of Cannabidiol (CBD) on the treatment of seizure disorders. Currently we have raised $14,000 towards our goal of $80,000 needed to conduct a full scale study. You may ask why such a large amount is need and that is a justifiable question. To put this into perspective, we currently have enough funds to support the use of 4-8 bracelets or participants, and most clinical studies require 50+ participants. Each of the bracelets cost a little more than $1,600 each, and once you add this into normal costs of running the lab, in addition to the funds needed to purchase CBD, the cost mount up quickly. With the help of people like you, we will be able to extend the reach of science, and provide answers to very important questions that affect many of us in different ways. Know that your graciousness and generosity are helping a cause that is bigger than you and me both. Even if you cannot provide monetary support, we only ask that you help spread the word and bring attention to these growing issues in our society. With our combined effort, we can bring peace of mind to the millions in need. Thank you for your time, generosity and caring heart, it is greatly appreciated by all!!




5% Raised of $1,000 Goal

  • Jarrod Mason


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Jarrod Mason

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