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C Three Foundation

C Three Foundation
CROWDRISE : Aug 02, 2014
Tax ID: 46-3069411
BASED: Cheyenne, WY, United States


C Three Foundation

Options Save Lives

Every year 3.3 million people die from alcohol-related injury and disease. They don't have to. There is a scientifically tested way to reverse the alcohol cravings felt by those with alcohol use disorder.

The C Three Foundation was created by actress Claudia Christian in June 2013 to help save the lives of alcoholics worldwide through education, outreach, advocacy and treatment using the Sinclair Method (TSM). TSM uses naltrexone in a way that overcomes the most difficult recovery compliance issue—it does not require abstinence to work. In fact, naltrexone has been scientifically shown to work best with alcohol, which is great news for the estimated 42% of people who choose not to seek treatment because they are not ready to commit to giving up alcohol for the rest of their life. Individuals gradually detox and are able to return to pre-dependent drinking levels or quit entirely, but without the lingering craving that has led to terms like “white knuckling” and “dry drunk.”

Tax ID: 46-3069411 •


C Three Foundation

C Three Foundation

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