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Provide direct financial assistance to young adults battling cancer through our annual "Cuck It" Grant. We provide anything young adults need to help them get their feet back on the ground. Cancer does not have to hinder the growth of young adults trying to LIVE THEIR LIFE!

www.cuckfancer.org Tax ID 45-1453713


Cuck Fancer. is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Los Angeles, CA that is passionate about making the lives of young adults, ages 18 - 29, living with the effects of cancer a little bit easier.  Our mission is to help young adults get their lives back on track by providing them with anything they may need or may not have because of cancer. We cannot take cancer away, but we can hopefully make the journey to a cancer-free life a little bit easier.


·         Over 72,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year.

·         That is 1 every 8 minutes

·         Cancer survival rates in YAs have not changed in 30 years.


Cuck Fancer. raises funds by partnering up with college campuses for weeklong events that help raise awareness in the surrounding community as well as swabbing young adults into the Be The Match registry. Fundraisers also include partnerships created with Cuck Fancer. to help raise funds for our annual 'Cuck It' Grant. Direct donatinons also play a large role in fundraising.


With the money raised, we provide direct financial support for young adults who are currently battling cancer or who are within 5 years of remission with our 'Cuck It' Grant.

EIN: 45-1453713 • www.cuckfancer.org