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Culture Shock Las Vegas Inc

Culture Shock Las Vegas Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 05, 2017
Tax ID: 88-0452583
BASED: Las Vegas, NV, United States


Culture Shock Las Vegas Inc

Our Mission

Help Us Build Confidence/Pride/Self Worth through Dance.

What do Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell, Cirque du Soleil and “So You Think You Can Dance” have in common? They all feature dancers/choreographers from renowned non-profit dance troupe Culture Shock Las Vegas, Inc.

Culture Shock Las Vegas, Inc. (CSLV) has trained some of the best in the business to not only be successful in the dance industry, but, also, to give back to their community. The purpose of CSLV is to provide dance training, educational, cultural, and community enrichment programs to all people, especially to underprivileged youth in Southern Nevada. That dedication to art, culture, and enrichment has provided countless opportunities to many from disadvantaged backgrounds. One of CSLV’s youth programs, Future Shock, became a second home to Kobe, who grew up facing difficult circumstances. Following in his big brother and sister’s footsteps, Kobe allowed dance to be his outlet, and, with the help of CSLV, was selected to be one of Mariah Carey’s dancers!

Stories like Kobe’s are the fruition of the vision of CSLV, founded in 1995 by fitness expert Darryl Thomas. The program is an offshoot of the Culture Shock San Diego dance troupe that began in 1993 under the direction of Nike Fitness Trainer Angie Bunch. Due to the growing problems facing at-risk youth, Angie used street dance to reach out to young people to steer them away from drugs, violence, and hatred, and into a lifestyle which promotes acceptance, achievement, and self-confidence.

The impact of CSLV transcends all barriers of age, ethnicity, race, and gender. Support our mission; allow us to continue to make this positive impact on our community, the dance industry, and the world.



Culture Shock Las Vegas, Inc

Culture Shock Las Vegas, Inc

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