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Cups For Equality Giving Campaign


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September 22, 2011

Even the amount you normally spend on a cup of coffee can make a difference in bringing about true equality!  See more


You can find out more information at: https://cupsforequality.org

For over 50 years, Jill Wakeman has been a selfless servant championing the fight for equality.


The idea for the Jill Wakeman Foundation for Equality came from Jill’s Godson, Aaron McDaniel. Jill did not have any children of her own and when Aaron was 3 years old, she agreed to be his Godmother. Jill has played a major role in Aaron’s life, and has been a second mother to him.

As a 75th birthday gift, Aaron created this non-profit organization to serve as a lasting legacy in her name and for the cause she has dedicated her life to, the equality of all people. While many people wait until someone passes to establish a foundation in their honor, Aaron wanted Jill to be involved in the concept of the foundation so it truly matched her vision, not just what he thought her vision would be.

As a young woman, she was one of the first Caucasians to march in the Civil Rights movement, and worked to sign up African-American voters in Mississippi in 1963. Nearly 60 years later, in 2010, and at the age of 76, she continued her fight rallying against a group attempting to take away the right for gay and lesbian students to form their own group at a local high school. Today, you can still find Jill volunteering a few days a week at one her favorite organizations.

It is Jill’s consistent and unwavering dedication to the cause for justice and equality that makes her an exemplary inspiration. Jill has been championing the cause humbly, quietly and without recognition. This Foundation in her dedication will carry on Jill’s progress for equality, while embodying Jill’s approach to serving others.

The Jill Wakeman Foundation for Equality is focused on creating and preserving equality for all people, regardless of gender, race, orientation, or beliefs – inspired by the work and perseverance of Jill Wakeman.

Through the Cups for Equality Campaign, we strive to make the fight for equality accessible to everyone.

Americans spend $18 Billion dollars on coffee each year. Just a tiny fraction – 0.001% can make a big difference. When we all come together with micro-donations, what may seem like an insignificant amount grows exponentially and collectively we can make an impact.

The Foundation is a 501C-3 tax exempt non-profit organization. Donations will go towards our organization’s specific, high-impact equality initiatives and select organizations Jill supports.

Donating a single cup of coffee can pays for things like...

1. A week of food and clean water for a woman and her children in a politically unstable country.
2. A school supply kit or 3 balls to play with for an underprivileged youth.
3. A consultation with a health specialist in a developing country.
4. Education to stop hate crimes in urban areas.

You can see some of the media coverage we have received at the following link: https://cupsforequality.org/media.php



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