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CROWDRISE : Oct 11, 2016
Tax ID: 46-3942138
BASED: Beverly Hills, CA, United States


Prevent Cervical Cancer

We're dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer around the globe for the women who need it most.

Our organization is built around four main principles: Provide, Build, Train, and Support.


PROVIDE: We provide communities with the optimal equipment for long term cervical cancer screening and treatment.


BUILD: We identify high-volume clinics within highest-need regions & build strategic alliances with trusted ground partners.


EDUCATE: We invest time and care in to training and certifying local providers, empowering them to continue independently.


SUPPORT: We form meaningful relationships that grow stronger through monthly correspondence and Revisit-Resupply-Re-educate programs.


Using our "Clinic in a Suitcase" model, we can fit all the technologies and materials to build a cervical cancer prevention clinic inside a single suitcase. And through our "See and Treat" method, we keep costs down by using low tech resources to treat pre-cancerous lesions as quickly as they are identified.

Tax ID: 46-3942138 •




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