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UPDATE: A generous donor has just offered to match all gifts - up to a total of $25,000 - to help Dr. Saphire reach her goal. Now every dollar you donate to this effort will be doubled.

Infection and disease are not suffered only in select corners of the globe – they travel the globe and require us to pool our resources and stand united in the face of global threats.

Understanding this, Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire is doing something truly unprecedented. She has galvanized a global consortium of researchers to work together and defeat the deadly Ebola virus. This consortium developed the ZMapp serum, the experimental drug believed to have cured two Americans, an English nurse, and two Liberian doctors infected with Ebola this summer. 

Dr. Saphire is resolved to find more potential treatments for this deadly virus. And there’s no time to wait.

As this year’s outbreak has shown, Ebola is a deadly and relentless virus. It moves quickly and fatally, killing up to 90% of those infected.

Samples are being sent to her lab from around the world, but the number of samples outpaces the  ability of her current equipment to process them. Funding for equipment and staff will allow Dr. Saphire to work more aggressively to fight Ebola. At The Scripps Research Institute in California, Dr. Saphire’s lab relies on federal grant dollars, but as the scope of the outbreak expands, so does the need for financial resources. She is in a race against time—and limited funding—as the recent outbreak continues to claim more lives every day.

Together, we can find a cure for Ebola—help Dr. Saphire raise $100,000 toward her pivotal research. 


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