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Did you know that missing one little enzyme in your body could lead to developmental disabilities, seizures, brain damage or even death? Every day more children and adults are diagnosed with urea cycle disorders and the fight for their lives begins. As you can imagine, our dream is for a cure, and we can't rest until we find it.

The National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in the world solely dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children and adults with urea cycle disorders. NUCDF is the driving force behind research and is a lifeline to affected patients and families all over the world, providing information, support and Hope.

NUCDF is leading the fight to conquer urea cycle disorders, which can lead to developmental disabilities, neurological disorders and, if untreated, death in affected children and adults.  NUCDF is stimulating and funding cutting-edge research, and educating medical professionals, affected families and patients on identification and treatment. NUCDF raises public awareness so that no child or adult suffers or dies undiagnosed.

Thank you for your support of our fight to conquer urea cycle disorders!