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Cody Curtis' Fundraiser:

Curtis family catastrophic illness fundraiser

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BENEFITING: Susan G. Komen

Cody Curtis


Our 39 year old mom collapsed onto the kitchen floor the morning of Feb 17th 2013 with a MAJOR Pulmonary Embolism. She was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital where she stopped breathing and had to be intubated. She was then rushed to a second hospital that had specialists and more extensive life saving equipment. She had surgery and we were told she had a 10% chance to live through this. They had only done a few of these surgeries in the United States and less then 10% of people had survied. At one point one Dr. told us she only actually now had a 5% chance to live. Our mom is the strongest woman ever and we all prayed she would make it through the surgery and if anyone could it would be her. There are no words to explain how happy and thankful that she did indeed make it though the surgery, but she wasnt out of the woods yet, her organs were shutting down, her lungs had been badly damaged, she developed pneumonia twice, and other infections. Her fight to live lasted 2 full, very long weeks, completely unconcious and on a ventilator fighting to breathe. She was finally stable enough to come off the ventilator 2 weeks later, but remained in ICU for another week and a half. When she was finally able to breathe on her own she couldnt do anything. She had lost all motor skills, she couldnt walk, touch her nose, talk, eat, even hold a cup. We were at the hospital with our grandmother every day helping her with everything. She understood everything but had lost the ability to make her body cooperate with her brain. Very very slowly she was able to regain her strength little by little, she could finally hold a cup with 2 hands still with a little help, then slowly was able to control a small cup on her own. She struggled for a very long time re learning the most simple things we take for granted. and finally after a month was able to get out of the hospital bed for the 1st time with a physical therapist' help and stand with a walker, then every day a tiny bit more a step or two, then finally to the door of her room and back to the bed. Our mom fought so hard to regain her strength becasue she wasnted to get home so badly. Finally she told the cheif of staff herself that she was ready to go home after they had started talking about releasing her to a rehab facility for another month to learn to walk on her own with assistance of a therapist or walker, but mom being who she is, a mother of 3 sons, an Emergencry room technician, and a very stong and we must admit quite stubborn, she politely informed them that she could do the physical therapy at home instead of at rehab in patient. The dr.s didnt quite know how to respond. They werent used to having a paitent come so far from something so serious, that no one would have survived, but also not used to having that person request to go home and do the rest of the work on her own. She told us that it was becasue of us, and her mom, and sisters that she was able to make it through all she had been put though, she said she could hear us talking and feel us touching her hand, and that she felt like we had rescued her while she was unconcious, that she felt like she had been kidnapped and being held somewhere and had a gag in her mouth and couldnt breathe but was able to hang on and fight because she knew we were coming to save her. So when she was gloing to be released from the hospital we of course were more then happy to be there to help her with the walker and getting up and down from the bed, and helping her in every way needed. Sure enough she regained her strength again very slowly and was eventually able to walk without a walker, but its a very very long and difficult road ahead even still. Beacuse of the circumastances 2 of us lost our vehicles to repossession because of the lost income of our mom and our own decreased income. Our bills were way behind and now we have only one vehicle to share between the 4 of us and we had 4. Our electric bill is way behind. Moms medical bills are over $300,000 as of right now and she still has another surgery coming up to retrieve the filter they had to place and many, many dr. appointments coming up. We have no way to get more jobs wihtout at least one other vheicle, we cant even always gt mom to the dr appointments she has scheduled becasue one of us is working, so we are comstantly asking our grandmother to help, which she does, but she lives 2 hours away and is very ill from lyme disease herself, she never left moms side while she was in the hospital, but that took a huge toll on her health and finances too. We are hoping to raise enough money to pay at least some of the medical bills, fix our grandmothers car that she had to drive 2 hours to and from the hospital every single day, when she did have to go home to sleep, and is still driving back and forth 2 hours each way whenever our mom has to get to a dr. appointment that we cant get her to, get at least one vehicle, and pay our bills that are piling up non stop before we lose our home. Our mom is amazing and still fighting to be able to get back to work fulltime to support her household, but its going to be a while before that can happen. She would never ask anyone for help financially or physically, but she needs help this time, there is no way to deny she needs the financial help at this point. We can do the physical help alone but need to reach out on her behalf to others now for financial help.



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