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Child Welfare League of America, Inc., aka CWLA's Fundraiser:

Help Us Print Our Most Popular Childrens' Books

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The inventory of several of our most popular children’s’ books is at critically low level!!  We need your help in having reprinted…

The Giant King

By Kathleen T. Pelley
Illustrator: Maurie J. Manning

Proceeds from the sale of each book support CWLA and the Makumbi Children's Home for AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe.

Some people say that Rabbie, the carpenter’s son, is a dreamer, but Rabbie says he works from his heart, carving “not what is, but what could be.” When Rabbie goes to a distant town to sell his carvings, he finds the town besieged by a fierce and destructive giant. The townspeople despair, but Rabbie suggests that if the giant were treated like a king, he might behave like one. Readers will be charmed by the message of this heartwarming Scottish fable: that what is loved will reveal its loveliness.

Author Kathleen Pelley is a native of Scotland
and a former teacher.

Dear Big, Mean Ugly Monster
By Ruth Marie Berglin

This book is for anyone who has ever peered nervously under the bed after dark. Every evening, a terrible monster waits under Joe's bed. Nothing will drive the monster away. Finally, Joe decides that he's had it with being afraid. He writes a letter letting the monster know exactly how he feels. The next morning, to Joe's surprise, he finds a response from the Monster under his bed! Young and old alike will love Ruth Berglin's whimsical story of fears conquered and friendships discovered in unlikely places. 

An American Face
By Jan Czech

Jessie excitedly looked in the mirror and wondered, “What will my new face look like?” He stood on the plastic stool by the sink and traced his eyes with his finger.
Adopted from Korea, Jessie waits for the day he will get his American citizenship and, he thinks, an American Face. This adorably illustrated book sweetly describes his touching transition. Ages 4-8.

Glenna’s Seeds
By Nancy Edwards

Something magical happens when we do nice things for other people. This book illustrates how one tiny, random act of kindness grows and multiplies. By the end of the story, a packet of seeds has transformed an empty street into a place full of colorful flowers, thoughtful neighbors, delicious food and happy feelings. Ages 4-8.



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