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Community YMCA


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Community YMCA
Tax ID: 21-0635051
BASED: Red Bank, NJ, United States


The Community YMCA

Help kids soar to new heights.

The Y is more than a gym. We give families and kids in need the support to help them thrive.

A donation of $50 can keep a child water safe.  One hundred dollars can send a teen on a college tour.  A donation of two hundred and fifty dollars can ensure a child is active and safe after school. Five hundred dollars can send a child to summer camp. Your gift of one thousand dollars helps to create a foundation for strong families.

Thank you for helping kids take flight for a promising future.

For a better you. For a better community. For a better country. The Y. For a Better Us.

Tax ID: 21-0635051 •


The Community YMCA

The Community YMCA

Amount Raised:



2% Raised of $550,000 Goal

Arts and Youth Outreach Programs

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0% Raised of $32,500 Goal

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4% Raised of $16,200 Goal

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0% Raised of $37,500 Goal

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1% Raised of $54,700 Goal

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2% Raised of $24,500 Goal

Child Achievement Programs

Child Achievement Programs

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0% Raised of $60,000 Goal

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Amount Raised:



0% Raised of $80,000 Goal