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Sharon came to the Y at a time in her life when she was unemployed and on the verge of losing her home. Sharon was struggling, not just financially, but emotionally.


At the Y, Sharon connected with a counselor, who helped her reflect on her decision-making and how it had led her to her current situation. "The truth is often times painful, but as the saying goes...the truth will set you free," Sharon says. After working with her Y counselor, Sharon is better able to handle situations in everyday life and make better decisions. She has since found a job and is no longer under the threat of foreclosure. She's also reconnected with friends and neighbors in the community.


"If it weren't for the Y and my counselor, I do not know where I would be right now. I am truly on a journey, and I know I have choices to take on my path in life."


We all face choices everyday on our life path, and many of us can use help and support along the way. Whether it's making choices around living a healthier life, finding the right programs to enroll our children in after school or in the summer, or support when struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues, the Y is here to help individuals, families and our whole community become stronger.


Every dollar donated to The Community YMCA has a lasting impact on the people of Monmouth County. Give today for a better us.


$25 provides access and opens our doors for all.


$50 can help someone achieve her goal.


$100 makes an impact on a child's future.

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