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Dakota Foundation is seeking donations to start up a crisis center with 24/7 hotlines and counseling. We will be implementing education programs on mental health issues, counseling and suicide intervention. We will be working with the community and schools on education and implementing plans on a mobile crisis unit as well. There will be a fund that an allotted amount will be given to families for final costs in the untimely death of their children due to suicide. Tax ID 47-4726345


Dakota Foundation was a dream that became out of tragedy.  Dakota Thomas, at nineteen years old took his life Christmas morning in 2013. It was unimaginable, unbelievable but it happened.  Just after his death we realized the need for suicide crisis center in the Tri-State area of California, Arizona and Nevada. It is our biggest hope and dreams to have a facility/building with all the tools to educate, support and intervene in the event of a crisis, while educating and provide support to prevent potential crisis and death. In these times where there is so much depression in our economy and uncertainty of futures....Suicide among youth and young adults is rising rapidly as well as for adults. The stigma of mental illness is so high, we need to educate and make it known it's okay to talk about the issues and how we are feeling. Handle the situations before it comes to an end in suicide. We will be contacting schools to find what they have implemented and hopefully given the ability to do public speaking and inform students about mental illness, depression and bullying. Once we have a crisis center we will have the ability to partner with a major suicide lifeline organization with great support! We are planning a huge fundraiser October 22nd, 2016. The First Annual Dakota Foundation, "Ill Be There" Day In The Park...We are planning bands, food, raffles, education/information booth and a Memorial baloon release. Donations for this as well would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope you will consider helping our organization. For more please check out our web page and please like and follow us on Facebook.   Dakota Foundation our page is verified per Facebook

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