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DaleMarie's Birthday Wish: Give Afghanistan Schools Today

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Over the past few months I have become acquainted with the incredible work of Sakena Yacoobi.

Sakena lives and works at the life-threatening intersection of darkness and light, alleviating suffering for the women and children of her native war-torn Afghanistan. Despite the oppression of Islamic extremists who have consistently opposed women’s education, she has changed the lives of millions Afghans, building hundreds of schools and clinics, training tens of thousands of teachers, and preserving the rich cultural heritage of her country.

See the film we made about her here: https://vimeo.com/36786934 (password: fetzer)

Beyond the sheer courage of this amazing woman, and beyond the noble and vital mission on which she has embarked, is the cold, hard reality that the Allied Forces (U.S., N.Z. etc) is drawing down its military presence in Afghanistan while at the same time we are vowing to help the people of Afghanistan live more securely, more safely, more freely. The Taliban are most scared of books, not bombs. Establishing an educational infrastructure in Afghanistan is the most cost effective long-term strategy for grassroots change. You and I know that government agencies and programs can only accomplish so much, and that private entities, NGOs and individual citizens are going to have to step up and help out in the transition and for a long time after.

We are holding an event on November 29 to build a "community of support" for Sakena. At that event, people will be offering pledges of support and I was hoping to make a donation of behalf of all of you.

Please give - even a little bit - to this birthday fundraiser and be a champion of hope in one of the most difficult places on earth.

Love, and more love, d



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